Student Life

Learning is a broad journey of exploration that only begins in the classroom. Student life at Cair Paravel Latin School is filled with opportunities for students to grow as part of a dynamic, faith-filled community.

Explore. Hike. Climb. Splash. Reflect. Discover. Think. Connect. No two students have the same experience at Cair Paravel. But there is a collective attitude that defines student life and it happens both inside and outside of classroom walls. Field trips, campouts, retreats, dances, and outdoor adventures allow students to challenge themselves by trying new things in a safe and supportive environment.

“You never know what you might learn when you have the courage to try something new. It makes being a student here so much fun!” -Ashley, student

House System

The CPLS House System represents the governmental structure of the Upper School for students in grades 7-12. Students are “sorted” into one of four houses, Dragon, Gryphon, Phoenix or Pegasus, until graduation, with opportunities for leadership, service and relationship building across the grade lines.

Traveling Tours – The Adventure Begins Here!

From the earliest days of CPLS, the school founders believed that the experience of travel was essential to round out the type of education they wanted to provide for students. As such, these tours are an integral part of the curriculum and the costs are included in the tuition for each student.

It is one thing to read about American history and it is another thing to stand in the home of Thomas Jefferson in Virginia. It is one thing to study geology and it is another to explore cave systems in the Ozarks. It is one thing to read about the beauty of God’s creation and another thing to spend the day hiking to the top of the Half-Dome at Yosemite National Park in California.

5th-6th Grade

These students experience the rich history offered in the Midwest. These 3-day tours alternate years between the “Heartland Tour” which visits the Cherokee Heritage Center, camps at the Oklahoma Guest Ranch, visits the George Washington Carver museum and learns about art and architecture at Crystal Bridges.

The “Westward Expansion Tour” takes students to the Gateway Arch, Lewis & Clark Expedition sites, and tours Meramec Caves, among other things. These shorter tours serve as excellent precursors to longer tours in the upcoming years.

7th-8th Grade

These students gain knowledge of our nation’s rich history. Tours alternate between the Revolutionary history of our Founding Fathers at Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia. Students on this tour also visit Monticello and learn about boat riggings on a topsail schooner boat.

The other tour takes them south to Oklahoma and Texas where they cruise the San Antonio Riverwalk, visit to the Alamo, visit the assassination site of JFK in Dallas and have a personal tour by a CPLS alumnus of the NASA facility in Houston. This tour also includes spending two nights on a Naval aircraft carrier dry docked in Corpus Christi.

9th-10th Grade

These students experience the thrills and physical challenges of a 4- star dude ranch in Colorado where they rappel from cliffs, ride horses, hike, and “go bouldering” through the majesty of the mountains.

The other tour takes them to our nation’s capital in Washington D.C., where they tour the Smithsonian Museums, visit the Capitol Building, experience the Holocaust Museum and see the different memorials.

11-12th Grade

The vastness and diversity of our nation’s geography and culture become apparent in these alternating tours. One tour navigates past towering skyscrapers of New York where students attend Broadway Shows, stroll through Central Park, visit the MET and pay homage at Ground Zero.

The other tour takes students white water rafting in Colorado before spending time at Salt Flats in Utah. They spend two days in San Francisco, California before driving into the mountains of Yosemite National Park where they will camp, hike to see waterfalls and reflect on God’s creation.