Little Lions Learning Center

Little Lions provides a classical Christian education where all learning begins with curiosity and wonder.

Every aspect of our program is designed to work with the grain of young students and guide them in a spirit of discovery.



Designed for children ages 2 ½ – 4.


Designed for children who will be age-eligible for kindergarten the following year.


7:30 A.M – 3:30 P.M

After school available with fee

3:30 P.M – 5:30 P.M.


Follows the Cair Paravel Latin School calendar and is closed during holidays and school breaks, including summer vacation.

“This is an amazing honor for our program which began a few years ago as a simple idea to create a space for preschool-aged children that offered more than traditional daycare.”

– Melody Congdon, Head of School, Cair Paravel Latin School

Each day is structured to build confidence, foster independence, and prepare students for a healthy start to their education.

Young children are given an inspiring introduction to learning in a classroom setting which helps them to make a smooth transition to kindergarten.



Annual Rate

Monthly payment options available:

10 payments of $592 from August – May


12 payments of $439 from June – May

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year will open on February 1, 2021. The application fee is $25 and if accepted, a $100 enrollment fee is paid to secure the spot for the fall.

Little Lions does not accept state funding for childcare and CPLS does not provide tuition assistance for this program.

Young children are living in a period of incredible development and their needs at this stage are unique. God has designed young children to enjoy creative movement, great music, literature that builds their vocabulary, beautiful art, and outdoor activities that allow them to explore their world.

Our teachers express clear instructions, demonstrate abundant grace, and understand the significant changes that are taking place in the lives of our youngest students. This is an exciting time in your child’s development, and it is our pleasure to share it with you!

Thematic units engage, integrate, and teach across different subjects. The classrooms are literacy-rich spaces that emphasize the importance of speaking, memorizing, reading, and writing. Children are exposed to great works of art, beautiful music, and the glory of God’s creation.