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Years at CPLS: 2012-present

Education (Degree/Institution):
B.A., Elementary Education, Washburn University

Why I Teach at CPLS: I fell in love with Cair Paravel when I taught seventh grade for a semester twelve years ago.  I loved the relationship between the older students and the younger students, and the excellence standards in academics and character.  When my daughters started attending CPLS, I became more familiar with the wonderful, Godly teachers, and the curriculum.  I love the way that God is present in every subject taught.  I enjoy the environment, the staff and faculty, the parents and the students.  I appreciate the “small town” feel of the school, and the “home away from home” atmosphere.  I love that I get to share my walk with Jesus every day with students that are just learning how much Jesus loves them.  I feel blessed to be able to hear them sing praise and worship songs in convocation.  There is no other place I would rather be!

Personal Testimony: I grew up thinking that I should be going to church, but never did.  It was not until I was seventeen when a friend of mine asked me to go to church with her.  I knew there was something different about my friend.  She was always joyful, kind, and shined to all of those who walked in her path.  I found out that the reason she loved life was that she had Jesus in her life.  I learned that Jesus loved me, and wanted to be my friend.  I found it almost unbelievable that Jesus could love me, and want to be my friend.  I needed Him, especially at that time in my life, so he reached out and grabbed me.  As he took hold of me, I got to know Him, and began my walk with Him.  However, it was several years later when I finally understood my identity in Christ.  I had spent most of my life wearing a mask, and acting like life was great, even when it wasn’t.  I suppose that is why I love drama so much, since I performed so much in my life.  Each day consisted of walking out onto life’s” stage,” giving a performance”, and then heading backstage to cry my eyes out.  I finally let the curtain close for good when I finally understood that I didn’t have to “be somebody.”  God taught me that I was already “somebody” just because I was His child.  God then gave me a peace about just being the child He created me to be.  I am so thankful for His love, perfect timing, grace and mercy that He continues to give me daily.  I pray each day that I will live for His applause.

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