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Tom Brian

Logic & Rhetoric School Classes



Years at CPLS: 2015-present


B.S. Education – History/Human Performance – Baylor University M.A. in Education Leadership – Wayland Baptist University

Why I teach at CPLS:  

I have taught /coached in public schools for the past 16 years. For the first time in those 16 years I am able to openly teach from a Christian worldview. CPLS affords me the opportunity to continue building relationships that extend beyond the classroom and to do so with the expressed intent of developing Christ-like thinkers.

Personal Testimony:  

I was raised in a Christian home and at an early age I was aware of my sin nature, asked for forgiveness, and acknowledged Christ as my Lord.  Throughout my grade school years, I learned what it looked like to live a life of faith from my parents.  It wasn’t until I went to college that I made the decision to continue to follow Christ and made my faith my own.  Since that time, God has continued to remind me of my need for Him and His desire to have a relationship with me!


Jr. High Football Coach, JV Basketball Coach I enjoy most outdoor pursuits: hunting, fishing, camping, biking, running.  Typically I have several home improvement projects going at the same time (usually too many for my wife’s liking) .  I am also trying to develop my gardening skills while maintaining our current chicken flock.

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