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Tom Brian

Rhetoric School History Varsity Football Coach, JH Boys Basketball Coach



Years at CPLS: 2015-present


B.S. Education – History/Human Performance – Baylor University M.A. in Education Leadership – Wayland Baptist University

Why I Teach at CPLS: I joined the CPLS faculty after 19 years of teaching in public schools. Today I am in the most fun, challenging, and rewarding position of my teaching career.  Each day I have the privilege of engaging students in conversation, helping them develop their own ideas, supporting them in their learning, and celebrating their successes.  I count it a blessing to work in a school that helps students learn how to think, not simply what to think.  I love the opportunity I have to support students as they wrestle with difficult issues, content, and assignments and then watch them recognize, based on a biblical worldview, that which is true, good, and beautiful.

Personal Testimony:  I was raised in a Christian home and at an early age I was aware of my sin nature, asked for forgiveness, and acknowledged Christ as my Lord.  Throughout my grade school years, I learned from my parents’ example what it looked like to live a life of faith.  It wasn’t until I went to college at Baylor that I made the decision to follow Christ, apart from my family.  Today, God continues to remind me of whom I am in Christ, leads me to recognize my need for Him, and communicates His desire to have a relationship with me.  God is good.

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