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Scott McBurney

Sixth Grade


Years at CPLS: 2019-Present

Education (Degree/Institution): B.S. Elementary Education, Geneva College; M.S. Special Education, Washburn University

Why I Teach at CPLS: I began my teaching in a small Christian school where I had the freedom to teach with God and the Bible as the foundation.  To help my family, I moved into teaching in the public school system where my ability to share the true foundation of knowledge was limited. Through all the years in public school, I hoped that I would be able to return to teaching in a Christian school where I could once again place Christ and the Bible at the center of my teaching.

Personal Testimony: I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know about and love Jesus.  I had the privilege of growing up in a home and going to a church where the Bible was faithfully taught.  I learned that I needed to personally believe in Jesus.  One Sunday when I was seven, Mom and I stayed home from evening church because I was sick.  A Billy Graham Crusade was on TV, so we watched it.  When he gave the invitation, I told Mom I wanted to accept Jesus as my savior, so we prayed and I asked Jesus into my heart.

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