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Roxanne Reed

Office Manager


Years at CPLS: 2018-Present

Why I work at CPLS:  I first became acquainted with Cair Paravel Latin School when my husband and I considered sending our oldest son here. Our first year was an eye-opening experience and I have come to see the difference and importance of what is being taught here at CPLS. It is because of what I have experienced as a parent, that I enthusiastically joined the staff!

Personal Testimony:  Growing up in a bible believing home, it wasn’t long until I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of 6. I was baptized shortly thereafter. It would be years later, as a college student, when I would come to know Him as Lord of my life. After getting married and starting a family I knew my life was no longer my own, not that it ever was, but it became clearer. I desire nothing but good for my kids, as our Heavenly Father desires for us. I pray that the Holy Spirit in me, is evident to all I meet. Through Bible Study Fellowship and discipleship from friends, I have grown to know Him better and pray to continue that journey until He calls me home.

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