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Miranda Collins

Director of Administration


Years at CPLS: 2014-present

Education: B.A. from Flagler College (2002), Master of Science from Nova Southeastern University (2004)

Why I work at CPLS:  From the moment I stepped through the doors of CPLS, I knew that was a special campus with special people working together for the good of the children and families who choose to be a part of the family.  I wanted to contribute to this family by using my skills and talents to spread the amazing stories that are happening on a daily basis and encourage new families to join us in educating our children classically and with a focus on God and His kingdom.

Personal Testimony:  Although my family attended church regularly as I was growing up, we stopped abruptly after a major shakeup in church leadership when I was in middle school. Through the grace of God, I was able to attend another church with a friend and enjoyed time in the youth group through graduation.  During my freshmen year, on a missions trip to serve the underprivileged in the Appalachian mountains, I gave my heart to Christ and decided to dedicate my life to following him.  After I met my husband, who was called to be a minister, I enjoyed ten years serving as a Pastor’s wife in Florida.  God led our family to Kansas when my husband accepted a position as Director of Discipleship through Trash Mountain Project, a local ministry serving people who live and work on trash dumps in countries around the world.

Personal Interests: Reading, Running, Hanging out with my husband and two boys

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