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Mike Henry

Rhetoric School Art



Years at CPLS:  1980-present

Education: Art Students Academy

Why I Teach at CPLS:  When I was a student at the academy I began to think, “There is no reason why young people couldn’t learn this.” I was dissatisfied with the education I had received in art in high school. I doubted if I would ever get the chance to test my ideas about teaching young people in a significant way, other than possibly on a one on one basis. After completing my studies at the academy, I began my career as a painter and to supplement my income I was teaching adults how to paint in oils. That is where I met James Waldy who came to me looking for instruction. As our student-teacher relationship grew, James eventually suggested that I apply to teach art at Cair Paravel Latin School. I was hired, and to my surprise, I was allowed and encouraged to develop the program as I saw fit.

The program has changed and grown and I am proud of the work I do here. I have been successful in accomplishing what I thought was possible. Young students can indeed learn the rules and procedures presented in classical traditional studio training. As this work has continued, the blessing of not only the work, but of the family of faculty and staff, and most especially the students has provided me with one of the most valued treasures in my life.

I credit James Waldy with the insight to see something valuable in me and appreciate the many people over the years who have accepted, encouraged and challenged me to greater things.

Personal Testimony:  I was raised in the Catholic church, baptized at birth, confirmed as a teen. That being said, my adult decision to practice and defend my faith is enhanced by personal life experiences not all of which are pleasant. Marriage, births of my children, deaths, challenges in my marriage, challenges with close family members all have solidified my personal relationship with Christ. Continuous study of the Word of God through Bible study serves always as a guide and support.  This support has been most important through some years of struggle in my marriage, resulting on the other side in my wife and I being constantly and continuously involved in ministry to couples who also struggle or are in hurting marriages through the Retrouvaille program. Being involved in this work has provided us with the most outward signs of God’s Healing Grace. This ministry has been rewarding not only in the saving of our marriage but in providing evidence that God is working through us to bring peace to other hurting couples.

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