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Melody Congdon

Head of School Dean of Rhetoric School Students



Years at CPLS:  1992-present

Education: B.S., Social Work – Washburn University

Why I Teach at CPLS: I love kids! I was deeply influenced growing up by people who worked with youth at my church as well as at school. I know that I am who I am today because of their influence and guidance. I want to pass that on to others. I want kids to know the joy of the Lord everyday and how blessed we are by His grace and mercy.

Personal Testimony: I was fortunate enough to be raised by two strong Christian parents who devoted themselves to a life in the ministry as well. I came to accept Christ as my Savior at an early age and continued to develop my own spiritual walk with help from some incredible Christian role models along the way. I would say that the most growth in my spiritual life happened after I married. God has never turned his back on me even though I know I have been a disappointment to Him many a time. I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy in my life and for all the great things He has blessed with me, namely my family and working at CPLS.

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