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Melissa Gossard

Counselor – Grammar School


Years at CPLS: 2012-present

Education: M.S., School Counseling  Butler University

Why I work at CPLS: I love working at CPLS! I have chosen to work at CPLS because I appreciate the freedom staff/faculty have to teach from a biblical perspective. I love the work environment that is rooted in Christ.  I love how CPLS believes in the home-school partnership and works together for the success of each child.   I value the high expectations and Christ-like character building that is a part of the everyday learning process. I consider it a privilege to encourage and love others through Christ especially when someone is struggling.  I am so thankful for those in my life whom have offered encouragement through the Truth and want to share this with others as God sees fit.

Personal Testimony:  I grew up in the church.  I have been a believer since I was a young child. My faith didn’t really become my own until later on when I truly learned what it meant to “walk with Him” instead of just believing in Him for my salvation.  Since then God has used His word, the church, life experiences and the fellowship of other believers to grow my faith and dependence on Jesus.  I’d be lost without my Savior!  He is my everything and I am so thankful for his grace and all His provisions even through my struggles. For it is in the struggle and my times of weakness that God’s love became so very real to me.  He is such a faithful God.

Personal Interests:   I am married to Jason, my best friend, and with him there is never a dull moment!  He and I share a lot of similar interests.  We love the outdoors with our boys and almost any adventure such as home projects, boating, snowboarding, hiking and other sports.  We enjoy traveling as well.   I also enjoy reading, spending time with family, friends and serving others in need.  I enjoy learning and hope to return to school one day.  For now, my days are full in being a wife, mom and part-time school counselor at CPLS and for this I am beyond grateful.

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