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Melanie Pohlenz

Fine Arts Coordinator


Years at CPLS: 2002-present

Education:  BA in Music Education (emphasis in Piano & Voice) from Wm Penn University in Oskaloosa, Ia.

Why I work at CPLS:  My husband and I have 2 boys that have attended Cair Paravel from Kindergarten – 12th grade, graduating in 2011 and 2015.  We believe that this was the best decision we could have made for our children to attend a Classical Christian School. As an employee of Cair Paravel, I not only had the benefit of working in the same building where my boys attended school, but I have the opportunity to work with an extraordinary staff and faculty who love the Lord and enjoy teaching children a love for life-long learning.  The CPLS Fine Arts Department hosts an invitational “Fine Arts Festival” that welcomes 12-14 guest schools each spring.  It is my privilege and a joy to coordinate the Festival.  This event is a wonderful opportunity for CPLS to provide an enriching experience for students in the Fine Arts and it is my prayer that it will ultimately assist in developing the arts in our communities.

Personal Testimony:  I was raised in a Christian home and spent much of my young life attending Bible classes and Youth Group events.  It was at church camp in 5th grade when I accepted Christ into my life as my personal Savior.  Through the years my walk with the Lord grew to a deeper relationship where I learned to rely on Him whatever the circumstances.  After I was married and we started our family, I knew that Christ would be the center of our home which included the decision to send our boys to Cair Paravel.

Personal Interests:  I have a Music Studio in my home where I enjoy working with students as they begin their adventures in music through piano and voice lessons.  I enjoy working outside in my flower gardens, singing on the Worship team at my church, having coffee with friends and watching movies at home with my family.  I also enjoy traveling with my husband to the mountains and other National Parks.

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