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Megan Goble

Seventh and Eighth Grades


Years at CPLS: 2019-Present

Education: B.A.  in Psychology from Sacramento State University & M.A. in Education from San Jose State University.
Why I Teach at CPLS: I wanted to return to my roots of classically based education learned from home and a deep desire to teach wisdom and virtue from the great books of Western Literature.
Personal Testimony: I was raised in an intentional Christian home and then later saw the shortcomings of the world, both in college and in modern education. My desire for wisdom and truth has been cultivated in mentorship from various people in my life who all had one thing in common: the authority and love of Christ that is so prevalent in their lives. My walk with Christ has also been influenced by the reading of great authors such as: CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, George MacDonald, and Timothy Keller. I pray that I may glean His truth from them and continue to share it with everyone in my life, both now and into eternity.

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