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Marion Key

Sixth Grade


Years at CPLS: 2003-present

B.A., History/Teacher Certification – University Of Missouri-Kansas City

Why I teach at CPLS: Experiencing Christ first hand is why I teach at Cair Paravel Latin School. On a continual basis, I witness His presence through my students, families, the faculty and staff. Exploring God’s Word, trying to listen for His Will for my life, and glorifying Him in everything is my priority. Each day, He reveals His truth whether through a Science lesson, Literature passage, or simply in the heart of a friend.

Personal Testimony: Described best as a continual journey rather than a personal testimony, I came to know Christ as my Savior while in college. My relationship with the Father continues to develop, strengthen, and grow as I find myself seeking Him more. Through various experiences in my life, I have learned to rely on God first, and then go forward with my day.

Personal Interests: My family enjoys spending time together while we watch our team, University of Kentucky Wildcats!  Our favorite past time has now become watching our grandson!   When time allows, I enjoy swimming, gardening, rummaging through antique shops, and reading.

Outside Activities: I am actively involved with children’s’ ministries at my church and I work part-time at The Hub in Fairlawn Plaza.

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