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Julie Conroy

Fourth Grade



Years at CPLS: 1999-present

B.B.A. – Washburn University, Kansas Teaching Certificate

Why I teach at CPLS: I teach at CPLS to make learning fun and to plant the desire for children to be life-long learners. I want them to see the wonder of the world that leads to a deep love, awe, and reverence of the Lord. I want to share the great love I have for the Lord. It is my privilege and honor to teach at Cair Paravel and feed His lambs.

Personal Testimony: In 1981, I came to know Christ in a much deeper way when both of my parents nearly died within a year. Mom had heart problems, and they gave her very little hope. Dad had an aneurysm of the aorta and was lucky to live. God miraculously intervened in each case. After crying out to Him and desperately needing him for so long, both parents recovered and things seemed to be back to normal. Things were normal except that I realized that even though I no longer needed Him desperately, I wanted Him desperately.

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