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Jennifer Lichte

Kindergarten Teacher


Years at CPLS: 2016-present

Education:  BA In Spanish, Minor in Religion, Baylor University

Why I teach at CPLS:  Teaching is how I’m wired.  I love children and I love learning.  Watching children, teens, or even adults understand something that previously was undiscovered or unintelligible is magical.  It’s like watching someone unwrap an unexpected and wonderful gift.  I’m so honored to have a front row seat to those moments.  Why I teach at Cair Paravel: This incredible school provides, for me, a precise balance of structure and freedom, and loads of care and support.  Why I teach at a “Latin School”: The classical model works with students as God has created them: first to take up the tools they’ll need (grammar) then to think deeply about them (logic), and lastly to use them in their own lives and through their own unique giftings (rhetoric and beyond).  Why I teach at a Christian school: Teaching in a Christian school means that the main thing (God and faith) can and must always stay the main thing. As a teacher, as a spouse of a teacher, as a friend of teachers here, and as a mom of 3 CP students, I have full confidence that there simply is no other school like Cair Paravel Latin School.

Personal Testimony: Growing up in a Christian home, I count it a blessing that I can not remember a time when I have not known God and His love for me.  My grandparents, my parents, and my church family poured into me for years with prayer, teaching, and the love of the body of Christ.  I attended Baylor University, where my faith became my own as I studied under brilliant believers and lived alongside brothers and sisters who challenged, encouraged, and persevered with me.  My faith has been fed by friends and family from many places and many faith backgrounds, and I love witnessing the depth and breadth of His work among us.  Though my life certainly has had some ups, downs, and curve balls, I suppose I have no powerful, nail-biting, page-turner story to tell about myself.  But on the canvas of this ordinary life, my extraordinary God has painted an indescribably beautiful picture of His goodness, faithfulness, glory, provision, power, and love.  I’m eager to see what colors He’ll add next.

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