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Evelyn Pantonial-Greene

Rhetoric School Math


Years at CPLS: 2017-Current

Education: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics,  Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching (University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines)

Why I Teach at CPLS: There are two main reasons why I want to teach in CPLS. One, I want a change of environment. I had eleven years in public school and I’m ready to start in a new school. Second, my boys are here. I’m excited to work in a school where I get the chance to be with them and work with their teachers.

Personal Testimony: I grew up Catholic and my father was my great influence and encouraged all of us kids to go to church. But my faith was not that deep until I met my husband. My husband grew up in a Christian home. His mother was a Sunday School teacher for 50 years. He has very deep faith in God and every Sunday we have to be in church no matter what. I give him credit for helping me deepen my understanding about the Scriptures and how to live as a Christian.


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