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Christine Ewing

Art (K-6th), Marketing


Years at CPLS: 2007-present, Marketing; 2012-present, Art K-6th

Education: B.F.A. Graphic Design, Kansas State University

Why I teach at CPLS: “I know what I want to be when I grow up—an artist!” This is the statement that I announced to my parents upon completing my second week of kindergarten. That excitement and passion for art has not subsided over the past three decades. We are all on the canvas of God’s great art and I get to be a part of bringing that wonder to children. Teaching art gives me the opportunity to help children know the Truth, seek goodness and be a part of the beauty of God’s world. The path that lead me to CPLS is one that has God’s hand in it, and for that, I will be forever grateful. CPLS has become a family to my family, not only because I get to work here, but because it has been a perfect fit for the education of my own daughters.  My husband and I trust this school, these teachers and this method of education for our family and I am blessed to be a part of that for other families.

Personal Testimony: I was raised in a Christian home and have known the truth of God’s love and grace since I was a child. It was not until I become a young adult that I realized how much I needed a relationship with Him. It was not until I became a mother that I understood that I needed to fully rely on Him. I am thankful every day for His grace and the blessings that He has bestowed on me.

Activities/Extra-curriculars: I enjoy spending time with my husband and three daughters; art, cooking & baking, reading and sharing time with friends and loved ones over coffee.

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