Faculty and Staff Directory


Photo of Staci Brown

Staci Brown

Director of Finance

Photo of Miranda Collins

Miranda Collins

Grammar School Principal

Photo of Melody Congdon

Melody Congdon

Head of School

Photo of Stacey Hickam

Stacey Hickam

Admissions Director

Photo of Darren Walker

Darren Walker

Logic & Rhetoric School Principal, Rhetoric School Math

Little Lions Learning Center

Photo of Jeanette Boyd

Jeanette Boyd

Assistant Teacher

Photo of Emily Linton

Emily Linton

Little Lions Learning Center Assistant Director

Photo of Sonya Schwartz

Sonya Schwartz

Little Lions Assistant Teacher

Photo of Jessica Walker

Jessica Walker

Little Lions After-Care Teacher

Photo of Alexandra Young

Alexandra Young

Little Lions Learning Center Director

Grammar School Faculty

Photo of Kathy Barron

Kathy Barron

First Grade


Photo of Jamie Bazil

Jamie Bazil


Photo of Amanda Budden

Amanda Budden

Sixth Grade

Photo of Andrea Ellis

Andrea Ellis

Grammar School Art

Photo of Sherri Farwell

Sherri Farwell

Fifth Grade

Photo of Rose Gilham

Rose Gilham


Photo of Darla Hass

Darla Hass

Third Grade

Photo of Michelle Higgins

Michelle Higgins

Fifth Grade

Photo of Maegan Hutchison

Maegan Hutchison

Third Grade

Photo of Marion Key

Marion Key

Fourth Grade

Photo of Tiffiny Leon

Tiffiny Leon

Fourth Grade

Photo of Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin

Second Grade

Photo of Scott McBurney

Scott McBurney

Sixth Grade

Photo of Jennifer Toenjes

Jennifer Toenjes

First Grade

Photo of Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker

Second Grade

Logic School Faculty

Photo of William Barron

William Barron

Seventh & Eighth Grades

Photo of Lynette Chada

Lynette Chada

Seventh and Eighth Grades

Photo of Nicole Koopman

Nicole Koopman

Seventh and Eighth Grades

Photo of Doug Woolery

Doug Woolery

Seventh and Eighth Grades

Rhetoric School Faculty

Photo of Nathaniel Boggs

Nathaniel Boggs

Rhetoric School Humanities and Literature

Photo of Douglas Bonura

Douglas Bonura

Rhetoric School Humanities & Science

Photo of Tom Brian

Tom Brian

Rhetoric School History

Photo of Craig Congdon

Craig Congdon

Rhetoric School Humanities

Photo of Dr. William Isley

Dr. William Isley

Rhetoric School Humanities & History

Photo of Beverly Keys

Beverly Keys

Rhetoric School Science

Photo of Trent Leach

Trent Leach

Rhetoric School Humanities and History

Photo of Jason Lichte

Jason Lichte

Rhetoric School Latin

Photo of James Seidel

James Seidel

Academic Dean

Photo of Lynda Smallback

Lynda Smallback

Rhetoric School Mathematics

Photo of Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Rhetoric School English & Literature

Photo of Darren Walker

Darren Walker

Logic & Rhetoric School Principal, Rhetoric School Math

Auxiliary Faculty

Photo of Mark Congdon

Mark Congdon

Logic and Rhetoric School Music


Photo of Bridget Cornwell

Bridget Cornwell

Logic & Rhetoric School Art

Photo of Emily Dewalt

Emily Dewalt

Physical Education (K-12th)

Photo of Sarah Gannon

Sarah Gannon

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grades Latin

Photo of Melissa Gossard

Melissa Gossard

Grammar School Counselor

Photo of Becky Greene

Becky Greene

Grammar School Music

Photo of LeAnna Hochstetler

LeAnna Hochstetler


Photo of Edith Kerns

Edith Kerns

School Interventionist

Photo of Sara Vincent

Sara Vincent

Logic School Counselor

Support Staff

Photo of John Cahill

John Cahill

Information Technology

Photo of Gary Cleverdon

Gary Cleverdon

Athletics Director

Photo of Jaime Davis

Jaime Davis

After-School Care Worker

Photo of Christine Ewing

Christine Ewing

Marketing and Communications Director

Photo of Heather Fay

Heather Fay

Assistant Athletics Director

Photo of Kirshel Fischer

Kirshel Fischer

Food Service Worker

Photo of Candy Graber

Candy Graber

Before/After-School Childcare Manager


Photo of Christine Myers

Christine Myers

Bookkeeper/Finance Office

Photo of Dymisha Pritchett

Dymisha Pritchett

Food Service Worker

Photo of Roxanne Reed

Roxanne Reed

Office Manager

Photo of Edward Rufener

Edward Rufener

Facilities Manager

Photo of Stephanie Sharp

Stephanie Sharp

Food Service Director

Photo of Jasmyne Tsiris

Jasmyne Tsiris

After-School Care Worker

Photo of Paula Will

Paula Will

Administrative Assistant