Athletic Department Vision & Philosophy

Athletic Department Vision Statement

The mission of Cair Paravel Latin School:

To cultivate classically trained, life long learners, committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, who will enrich their community and God’s kingdom.

Within this mission, the following is set out as the vision statement of the CPLS Athletic Department:

  • To develop and administer an athletic program which assists CPLS in fulfilling its mission and philosophy.
  • To develop and administer an athletic program which serves as a “light” in the athletic community and as an example of Godly character in the competitive athletic arena.
  • To develop and administer an athletic program which enhances awareness of the existence of CPLS in the Topeka community and thus assists in the arenas of public relations and development.
  • To develop and administer an athletic program which attracts new and retains present students.

Athletic Department Philosophy

The purpose of the Cair Paravel Latin School Athletic program is to provide students with opportunities to develop both God-given athletic abilities and Christian character qualities. Therefore, the CPLS athletic programs stress these aspects:

  • the establishment of a disciplined work ethic – conditioning
  • the fostering of unity and community – competition
  • submission to authority — cooperation
  • a winning attitude – character
  • a spirit of servant leadership –Christ-likeness

Conditioning involves the enhancement of the physical condition of the participating athletes. Athletes should strive to achieve an efficient and effective physical condition that will allow him/her to perform to a higher degree than that required of a normal routine. A student is expected to report for his/her sport in good physical condition and remain disciplined throughout the season to work hard in this area.

The athletic program fosters involvement and enjoyment of interscholastic competition. This competition is pursued to encourage involvement of the student body in athletics, to promote school spirit and to provide yet another common cause upon which players and supporters can focus.

Athletics serves as an excellent arena for developing habits of cooperation. The promotion of the concept of “team” over “self” is a valuable facilitator of attributes that carry over into the athlete’s contribution to other areas. The necessary submission to coaches and game officials demands a level of cooperation that promotes maturity in the individual athlete.

We are committed not only to the development of basic fundamental game skills, but also to the development of positive character qualities. We believe these qualities are vital both to personal growth and the success of the athletic program. These positive qualities will be developed through much effort, practice and prayer. These elements, inherent in athletic competition, have their parallel applications in spiritual maturity.

  • Responsibility: fulfilling the known expectations of those in authority over us and the needs of those under our care
  • Determination: purposing in your heart to accomplish God’s best and use all our energies to overcome adversity
  • Enthusiasm: take an interest in every part of your sport and be glad to quickly carry out every part of the job
  • Humility: show forth the attitude that God is the one responsible for your abilities, talents and successes
  • Diligence: use all your strength and ability to complete each part of your task whether in practice, in a game, or anywhere else
  • Dependability: be at all practices and contests; do what is expected of you in all situations
  • Discipline: delayed gratification; putting off pleasure to complete a necessary task that will ultimately increase that pleasure
  • Endurance: inward strength to withstand stress in order to accomplish God’s best
  • Flexibility: not setting affection on ideas or plans which could be changed by God or others
  • Gratefulness: making known to others the ways in which they have benefited your life

This is the ultimate goal of all educational endeavors that are Christian in their orientation. This is no less true in the athletic arena. The athletic programs, approached from a Biblical perspective, will be a key asset to the development of spiritual maturity in the students who participate.

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