Book Me a Passage Program

One of the hallmarks of the curriculum of Cair Paravel Latin School is a strong emphasis on reading the classics of literature.  A Classic is a work of literature, which has been read and enjoyed by at least three generations and has withstood the test of time.

Cair Paravel Latin School has always emphasized reading the literary classics. Through books, we enter into the thoughts and lives of others, growing and learning alongside them, succeeding and failing, rejoicing and grieving, journeying and dying. It is among our greatest human delights. One of our jobs as educators and parents is to see that our children acquire not only the ability to read well, but also acquire a taste for what is good and beautiful in literature.

In addition to the books that students may read in class with their fellow students and teachers, we hope to help students develop the habit of reading books on their own. In order to do this, we require students in first grade through sixth grade to keep a “literature log” of the books they read outside of class. Each book they read will receive a particular point value based on its length and difficulty. Students will receive a grade based on their accumulated points for each quarter. This grade will represent 25% of their Reading Grade for the quarter. Literature grades will be calculated quarterly and excess points will be carried over to the following quarter.  For more information and to see the list of approved books, please review the Literature Policy available below.

AR Word Count Website– Helps with determining word count to calculate point values for non-list books