House System

HISTORY:  The House System began in the Middle Ages when young adults would gather in a city where a Master Teacher lived.  With this Master, they would literally share a house with other students and devote themselves to study.  The Master not only taught academics, but also disciplined them in their Christian walk.  These gatherings of students eventually became the foundation of the first universities of Europe.  Today, the term “house” simply refers to groupings of students into subsets within the larger student body. 


STRUCTURE:  Each house has its’ own mascot, colors, and a unique crest. The House Captain will lead each house during the school year and houses will work together to plan activities for high school students. There will be fun competitions to encourage participation at different events. Houses will meet periodically over their lunch periods or other designated times for team-building activities.  And house leaders will also be encouraged to schedule outside opportunities for fellowship and mentoring.

It makes sense in that Land of Narnia, that the names of our houses would tie to the book series.  With this in mind, we have chosen four mythical flying creatures that are found within the stories: 


Eustace Scrubb was transformed from a selfish boy into a dragon after which he learns to shed his old self to become brave and loyal to Aslan.  Dragons are legendary creatures that symbolize protection, wisdom and strength.  Colors:  Navy & Evergreen


After the world of Narnia was born, the regal Pegasus rose from the ground at the sound of Aslan’s mighty roar.  Pegasus is a beautiful, pure-white, flying stallion who symbolizes liberty, freedom, and victory.  Colors:  Navy & Grey


Gryphons are magnificent flying creatures that have the head and talons of an eagle and the body of a lion. Gryphons appear on the Telmarines’ Coat of Arms and symbolize boldness, courage, and leadership.  Colors:  Navy & Gold


Phoenix are mythical birds that periodically combust & burn to death, only to emerge from the ashes as a new creation.  The phoenix was prominently featured in the tree under which sat the thrones of the first king and queen of Narnia.  The phoenix symbolizes faith, renewal, and longevityColors:  Navy & Crimson